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We’re passionate about wellbeing and fitness – that’s why we provide women anywhere and on all fitness levels with proven and effective guidance for reaching wellness & fitness goals.


Say goodbye to deprivation, bizarre food rules and unrealistic workout schedules – at BodyGoals we create flexible fitness & nutrition plans to fit your life.

  • Suitable for all fitness levels, all stages of adulthood and all meal preferences.
  • Developed by qualified health & fitness professionals.

Become your strongest, fittest & most confident self.

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Your team of experts

Katy Allderman

BA Human Movement
Sciences (Cum Laude)

BA Honours Degree in Biokinetics (Cum Laude)

Face of fitness 2020

Melissa Nel

Bachelor of Dietetics, University of Pretoria

Post Grad Diploma; Sport
Nutrition (IOC)

Registered Dietitian

Lauren-Kate Bydawell

Qualified Personal Trainer

Experienced HIIT Instructor

Special Interest: Functional Fitness

Elna Esterhuyse

BSC Physiotherapy:
40+ years’ experience

(Health Science Education)

Special Interest: Fitness

Ria Roux

Qualified Fitness Trainer (HFPA)

Experienced Bootcamp Instructor

Special Interest: Strength Training

Dr Jessica Hamuy Blanco

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery – MBBCh (Wits University)

Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine (University of  Pretoria)

Special Interest: Sports Medicine

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